Mysterious Black Holes

by Ken Ham on January 9, 2014

Here at Answers in Genesis, we’re always trying to produce resources that are timely and challenging, and our newest DVD by AiG’s Dr. Danny Faulkner is both! Dr. Faulkner’s presentation Things that Go Bump in the Night deals with the question, “Do black holes and dark matter exist?”

Things that Go Bump in the Night

In his talk, Dr. Faulkner—who holds a PhD in astronomy—covers technical topics in astronomy in a way that children and adults can understand. Here is how his talk is described:

Do black holes exist? What about dark matter? Dark energy? Weren’t these things just made up to salvage evolutionary ideas? On this new DVD, astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner explores these topics and separates the issues of physics and good science from evolutionary musings. You’ll learn that there is a good case for black holes with no need of millions of years or evolutionary involvement. There’s a good case for dark matter, too, while dark energy is a bit more speculative. Black holes and dark matter quite literally take our understanding of physics to its breaking point, and they illustrate how God’s creation holds many mysteries, while pointing undeniably to the Creator and Savior Himself!
I encourage you to order Things that Go Bump in the Night today, and to make it and the other great resources from Answers in Genesis part of your process of equipping yourself and your family to answer the skeptical questions of the age.

I praise the Lord for scientists like Dr. Danny Faulkner, who keep on the cutting edge of the field and are six-literal-day, young-earth biblical creationists. I want young people to know about these great creation scientists of our day.

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