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It was great to see a positive article from the Associated Press republished in many secular media outlets about AiG’s press release that kids 12 and under will be admitted free to the Creation Museum in 2014. It was also good to see Christian media report on this free outreach to children. For instance, The Christian Post published an article that begins as follows:

Creation Museum President and CEO Ken Ham said the museum's recent move to allow children 12 years old and under to come and visit for free in 2014 is a response to evolutionists "indoctrinating kids in the pagan religion of evolution."

"We want to do what we can to get as many kids to the Creation Museum to learn the truth concerning God's Word in Genesis and the gospel," Ham explained in a Facebook post on Thursday.

"Evolutionists go ballistic when they learn about kids coming to the Creation Museum—so let's spread the word as much as we can—bring as many kids as possible to the Creation Museum in 2014," he urged supporters.

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We really need to try to reach as many of the coming generation as we can with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel. Sadly, much of the information we publish at AiG is censored from so many kids—the secular media and education system don’t want kids to know the truth about creation.

So—let’s all do our best for this coming to year to bring has many kids as we can to the Creation Museum. Go to this article for more details.

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