Origins of the Universe—Great New DVD!

by Ken Ham on December 2, 2013

Here at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, we’re always searching for new resources that are biblically sound that you can use to equip yourself and your families to defend the faith. Just as important is the opportunity to think critically about the claims that are used to support evolutionary ideas.

Well, the AiG online store is selling a new DVD that does just that. Origins of the Universe: The Great Debate, hosted by filmmaker Todd Cantelon, is a documentary on the creation-evolution debate.

Origins of the Universe: The Great Debate

Cantelon interviews evolutionists and biblical creationists about a range of topics, including science, design, and origins. Some of the interviewees include AiG scientists Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. David Menton, and Dr. Terry Mortenson, as well as me. Now, Cantelon allows the evolutionists and the biblical creationists to present their views, but his goal is to spark critical thinking in his viewers. He asks viewers to examine the claims of each side and decide in which framework the evidence makes the most sense.

Of course, it’s obvious that the biblical creationists are able to make far more sense of the evidence than the evolutionists!

I encourage you to order this excellent DVD from our web store and share it with your teenagers, friends, and others who may have doubts about the origin of the universe.

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