Thoughts on AiG’s Bolivian Outreach

by Ken Ham on November 20, 2013

In our main article on the web today, Dr. Terry Mortenson and I summarize the incredible speaking engagements we had in Bolivia late last week—reaching several thousand people. We were joined by our own translator, Joe Owen of AiG’s worldwide outreach.

Three secular TV stations and one Christian radio station were at our press conference last Thursday. It lasted much longer than anticipated as the reporters continued to ask their questions—they seemed genuinely interested and fascinated by our answers. I wish the U.S. media were as friendly and interested! Here is a photograph taken at the press conference on Thursday:

TV interview in Bolivia

On Thursday evening, the conference organizers were overwhelmed by the response. The meeting was held at in a hotel—and nearly 2000 packed into the room with many standing at the back and the sides. Sadly, the organizers had to turn away about 500 people who just couldn’t get in!

Auditorium full in Bolivia

Here is a photo of Mally and me in Santa Cruz:

Ken and Mally in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Please pray for the conference cohost, the Evangelical University of Bolivia, that it will be able to follow up with people who may have questions about what they heard.

Here is a link to our lead article today about this incredible outreach AiG was blessed to hold in this South American country.

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