Answers “End-Caps” in Lifeway Christian Stores!

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We praise the Lord for the special relationship we have with our publisher, Master Books. The president of this publishing company, Tim Dudley, has shared our burden and vision to produce high-quality creation books and general Bible apologetics books and to see them distributed widely through the culture.

Through the effort of Master Books, we have seen a variety of our publications sold in Sam’s Club, WalMart, Kroger, and many other places that we would not normally sell such resources. AiG resources are also available in many Christian outlets such as Family Christian stores, Mardel Christian and Educational Supply stores, and so on.

Well, here is another praise. On October 1, Lifeway Christian Stores began actively promoting the Answers Book series for adults, teens, and children through what are called “end-caps” in their stores. Lifeway currently has 160 stores across the U.S. and recently acquired an additional 17 stores that will be opening very soon. This promotion will feature our New Answers Book vols. 1–4, Answers Book for Teens vols. 1–2, and Answers Book for Kids vols. 1–6. Oh, by the way, did I mention we have three brand new Answers titles that just released: New Answers Book 4 and Answers Book for Kids vol. 5 and vol. 6? Here is a photograph from a Lifeway Christian store in Nashville, Tennessee:

Answers end-cap in Lifeway Christian store

The Answers series has been a powerful tool in equipping believers to share and defend their faith. Now the newest books in this landmark series take on hot-button topics like climate change, ancient man, dragons and dinosaurs, and many more. For those who desire a deeper Christian walk and a thriving faith in the face of a growing cultural adversity, they can now find the answers to questions about the Bible’s accuracy and authority.

Do you have a Lifeway Christian Store in your area? Use their store locator to find out. We encourage you to support your local Christian bookstores and appreciate their partnership as we work together to bring God’s Word to the nations.

And of course, all these resources are available online through Answers in Genesis as well.

One of My “Heroes of the Faith”

Yesterday, our annual Christian leaders’ conference “Answers for Pastors” got underway at the Creation Museum and Legacy Hall. Just before it started, one of the keynote speakers—and one of my spiritual heroes—Dr. John Whitcomb spoke to our staff and gave a message from Colossians 2 and 3. He is the coauthor with the late Dr. Henry Morris of the classic apologetics book The Genesis Flood. Here he poses with staff member Nathan Oertel after our staff meeting—with Nathan holding up his copy of The Genesis Flood.

Dr. John Whitcomb and AiG staff member Nathan Oertel

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