Is It a Bird? Or Is It a Dinosaur?

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Or Is It a Dinosaur “Thinking” About Becoming a Bird?

On our website over the years, you may have been following our ongoing commentary about news that relates to Archaeopteryx. For many years, this bird fossil had been a classic example brought out by evolutionists to try and show the evolution of reptiles into birds. You may recall that evolutionists reclassified Archaeopteryx as a non-bird, but then they reclassified it as a bird again. Now it’s being considered by some evolutionists as a transitional form between dinosaurs and modern birds. Little confused?

Well, you see, it turns out that researchers have discovered that Archaeopteryx had a brain with a feature that is characteristic of modern birds. In an excellent article that is posted to our website this weekend about the changing views of Archaeopteryx, Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell reports on this brain feature.

Dr. Mitchell shared the following with me yesterday: “Evolutionists wonder how birds and mammals evolved bigger forebrains than their supposed reptilian ancestors. Some think it was to help them see or smell better. Now some evolutionists have used a CT scanner to look into several dinosaur skulls to see if they can find the transitional brain that enabled dinosaurs to fly.”

Dr. Mitchell added, “Some of those dinosaurs had proportionately bigger forebrains than the researchers thought that a stereotypical pea-brained dinosaur should have. They claim these dinosaurs evolved flight-ready brains in preparation for evolving into birds.”

In her article, Dr. Mitchell explains that they did not. She states that these dinosaurs simply had brains able to handle, as another scientist said, “highly agile lifestyles.” When God created all kinds of animals (as Genesis describes), they did not have to evolve big brains. God created them with brainpower and other abilities to be fully functional right from the beginning—and in the places God designed for them in that “very good” world the Bible describes.

Read more about what these scientists discovered as reported in Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell’s excellent article “Were Birdbrains on the Dinosaur Pre-flight Checklist for Evolution?

By the way, our Creation Museum has added a major exhibit that answers the question: “Were dinosaurs dragons?”  Check out this fascinating exhibition—located inside the museum’s portico—when you visit the museum in the Cincinnati area.

Also, return to this blog and AiG website in a few weeks for some great news about another dinosaur exhibit coming to the museum (a 2014 unveiling, but we’ll offer something of a preview in a few weeks). The exhibit will be a major museum addition—people will come from all over America just to see it. The secular world will be astonished—and probably dismayed—at what AiG will unveil.

Yes, we use dinosaurs at the Creation Museum as “missionary lizards” to present the creation/gospel message!

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