The International Conference on Creationism

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This past Sunday night marked the beginning of the weeklong International Conference on Creationism (ICC) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sponsored and organized by the Creation Science Fellowship of Pittsburgh.

I gave the opening talk, titled Genesis, Biblical Authority, and the Age of the Earth, to hundreds of listeners. Some were conference attendees and some were from the general public. They were incredibly supportive of the ministry and message of Answers in Genesis. I challenged Christians to take a stand on Genesis as written and reject compromise positions held by many church leaders who try to fit millions of years into the Bible. Although such compromise is not a salvation issue, it is an authority issue and a gospel issue.

I was also honored by being presented with the Luther D. Sunderland award (see the photo below), which I accepted on behalf of the entire AiG ministry as well as the pioneers of creation research that came before us.

Here are photos of Reid Moon from the Creation Science Fellowship, currently serving as the chairman of the executive committee of the ICC, as he presented me this award:

International Conference on Creationism presentation of award 1

International Conference on Creationism presentation of award 2

Here is a photograph of the award:

International Conference on Creationism award

The ICC meets every five years. At the international conference, many experts present their research on topics relevant to biblical creation. Dr. Andrew Snelling, the director of research at AiG, and Dr. Georgia Purdom, a speaker at AiG, presented a paper at the ICC. Dr. Snelling has been given the award for the top research paper in the past at the ICC.

I am thankful for the work of the Creation Science Fellowship of Pittsburgh in bringing these cutting-edge creation researchers together for this special conference.

In addition to the wonderful speakers, another great thing about the ICC is that it’s a gathering of people who understand what’s at stake when we give up the authority of God’s Word in any area, especially Genesis 1–11.

International Conference on Creationism auditorium

Attendees lined up at the end of the Sunday evening session to obtain AiG resources. They ravaged the tables!

International Conference on Creationism resource tables

I also spent time after my presentation to talk with many of the attendees:

International Conference on Creationism meeting attendees

At Answers in Genesis, we are committed to high-quality creationist research. I encourage you to read the Answers Research Journal, our peer-reviewed research journal overseen by Dr. Andrew Snelling. It’s available for free online, and I believe it is the leading creationist research journal in the world today. Visit the ICC website to find out more about their fine work.

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