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Today, I want to announce the release of a new book by Chad Hovind, a local pastor in the Cincinnati area and a friend of mine. Chad, a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, is a lead pastor of Horizon Community Church and the creator of the Fast Track Bible DVD series and now the Godonomics DVD curriculum series. For more information, I encourage you to visit godonomics.com and fasttrackbible.com.

Here is a short press release by Chad on his special new book Godonomics: How to Save Our Country—and Protect Your Wallet—Through Biblical Principles of Finance, which Answers in Genesis will be carrying:

Our special needs son, Quinn, loves the Creation Museum. We’ve spent hours chasing animals in the petting zoo. If you didn’t know his story, you wouldn’t realize that he was almost aborted, declared incurably blind, and has severe developmental delay. The Seven C’s are more than a road map for the museum; they have been a road map for my family as we chose to adopt this special child into our life four years ago.

We met Quinn’s mother during a time when I was teaching a series at our church called Godonomics, which is being released as a book by Random House today on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and www.godonomics.com. Godonomics teaches that capitalism is not just a good idea—it’s God’s idea. It’s a biblical book about the power of work, profit, and generosity to change lives. As my wife and I reflected on God’s generosity to us during this series, we were challenged to help a pregnant teenager who had literally cried her way out of an abortion clinic.

The First C is Creation, and a reminder that every child is made in God’s image at the moment of conception. Since my wife and I already had a ten and twelve year old, having an empty nest was within sight. The idea of starting over with a newborn, diapers, car seat, and preschool was daunting. God challenged us to see life through the C of Creation, not the C of Comfort. We befriended Jacci, an eighteen-year-old single mom, and named our new son together: “Quinn Jaxon Hovind.” His middle name was a way to remember her gift of generosity because he was “Jacci’s Son” or Jaxon.

Two months after Quinn was born, we worried as his eyes continued to dart back and forth. My wife returned from the doctor and told me that our son was incurably blind and would probably never live a normal life. The C of Corruption became a reality. We cried. Intellectually, we knew Quinn’s conditions were not caused by God but by the consequences of Adam’s sin and the resulting world that is out-of-sync with its Maker. Our hearts had just not caught up to our heads as we wondered why God would allow this to happen to us. We wondered if we had what it took to be parents to a special needs son. As I share in my new book Godonomics, my wife and I wrestled with God as He called us to an even higher level of love and rejection of a convenient life. We felt the C of Catastrophe as the floodwaters of doubts, fears, and “what if’s” flowed into our hearts. The C of Confusion was alive and well in our family.

Early Christians turned the Roman Empire upside down with their generosity and compassion toward the poor, handicapped, and unborn. The C of Christ was a reminder that Jesus adopted us when we were not perfect and “while we were yet sinners.” We found hope in the C of the Cross, knowing Christ is the master of making all things work together for good. God uses what was “intended for evil to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Our family was living out the story of Genesis as God deepened our faith.

Quinn’s contagious laugh fills our home daily. He has overcome many of his sight challenges despite the label of Autism added six months later. We don’t know if he will ever talk with more than one word, but we have joy and hope in Christ. We look forward to the C of Consummation when his eyes, mind, and body will be fully fixed at the return of Christ. In the meantime, we had no idea that God would use Godonomics to change our lives, deepen our faith, and create a ministry tool that would be shared with the world.

What a marvelous testimony of God’s grace!

While economics may not be a topic that Answers in Genesis normally addresses, it is important that we as believers seriously consider such an important subject and are willing to be challenged in how we handle the resources God has entrusted to each of us.

Don’t miss out on reading Godonomics. To order a copy, visit our online store.

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