Biggest and Best in the Midwest

by Ken Ham on July 15, 2013

Over the past two months, Answers in Genesis has placed a 100 billboards around six cities (Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Louisville, Lexington, and Indianapolis) advertising two of the new exhibits at the Creation Museum—Dragon Legends and Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium.

Today, another 50 billboards go up around these six cities advertising the incredible zip line course (27 zip lines over 2.5 miles) at the Creation Museum. There is no doubt this course is the biggest and best in the Midwest. Here are photos of two of the billboards:

Zip line billboard 1

Zip line billboard 2

New “Aerial Challenge” Course Opening Soon

The crew that installed our phenomenal zip line course comes from the Historic Banning Mills facility in Georgia, which holds records for their massive zip line course. And they’ve just put the finishing touches on the Creation Museum’s “Aerial Challenge” course. Now all that is left is to get it inspected and we will be opening yet another family-friendly adventure course.

This course is a good addition to our zip line course because zippers can zip in and do the challenges like “Postman’s Walk” and “Fencepost Walk” then continue on the zip line and canopy tour! From what we understand, this new course is as good as it gets—and as big as it gets! We have already had corporations checking us out for future team-building get-aways at the museum!

Here are some photos of just part of this new course:

Aerial Challenge course 1

Aerial Challenge course 2

Aerial Challenge course 3

Aerial Challenge course 4

Make sure you plan your trip to the Creation Museum

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