Answers Conversation, Sanctity of Life, and Zip Lines

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Today we have a mix of topics, but they are all a part of what we do at AiG.

Answers Conversation and the Sanctity of Life

Over the past month, many people have been blessed by listening to our new weekly podcast, Answers Conversation. If you haven’t yet been able to listen to this podcast, you can find it on the front page of our website—or find “Answers Conversation with Steve Ham” on iTunes. So far the conversations Steve has had with key Answers in Genesis speakers have really highlighted the importance of standing firm on the authority of God’s Word as we answer the skeptical questions asked in today’s world—and point people to the gospel of Christ.

This week, Steve has another very timely conversation—with Dr. Tommy Mitchell on the topic of ethics. Of course, the subject of ethics is a huge issue today. It seems that with so many different opinions about the sanctity of human life, people are wondering if there are any real answers. This week, Dr. Mitchell and Steve discuss the importance of knowing the truth about the value of mankind based on Scripture alone, and the foundational issue that every human has in common, as we are created in the image of God.

We know you will enjoy this Answers Conversation interview and many more conversations that you can subscribe and listen to every week. Do yourself a favor and get a weekly injection of edifying discussions that will give you real answers to today’s problems.

Zipping Around the Grounds of the Creation Museum

Here is a 34-second video we just produced to promote the new zip lines in action on the grounds of our Creation Museum:

We have 23 zip lines—almost 2.5 miles of lines—with over a dozen sky bridges that crisscross our beautiful wooded property. It’s been a hit since we opened the lines a couple of weeks ago.

Zipping through the trees

Zipping across the lake

Find out more about this great new attraction on our website.

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