Canadians at the “Disney-Quality” Creation Museum

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Here is a Creation Museum testimony from a Canadian man who reported on a trip that his church recently took to the museum. Frankly, I have been surprised that so many Canadians have visited the museum. When I speak inside the Creation Museum and ask for a show of hands from people who are visiting from outside the USA, I almost always get at least one family who will put up their hands and indicate they are from Canada. When you think about it, that shouldn’t be too surprising, for the Creation Museum is about a four-and-a-half-hour drive from the Canadian border (near the border crossing in Detroit, Michigan). Several million Canadians live within a day’s drive of our museum.

Here is what the group from Ontario, Canada, recently experienced at the Creation Museum, as it was shared with one of our museum staff members:

Our church was abuzz yesterday from the people who went on the trip to the Creation Museum! Everyone I spoke with was thoroughly impressed! One person I spoke with said it was far more than he expected. He told me that he expected it to be a commercial-type building with a few (for lack of a better word) “tacky” displays. He said as soon as they approached the museum, he knew he was in for a treat.

After viewing the inside, he told me that the quality was on the same level as Disney. Another lady told me that the Flood display really hit home to her—and her whole family—how devastating, geologically, the Flood really was. Her son was all excited about the quality of the displays. They both thought the cutaway of the Ark was neat. In other brief conversations, the responses were simply, “Wow!” and “was THAT ever good.”

The group showed up at the Creation Museum early on Saturday morning. (The bus arrived on Friday afternoon and they stayed at a hotel Friday evening.) The museum staff ran the “Men in White” show early for them so that they could move to the planetarium show at 9 am. This gained time for the group so they could still see everything [in a day] and leave at a good time.

Anyway, thank your staff for a first-rate experience.

We pray that God will use this experience to really challenge the people to share their experience and to dig deeper.

Blessings, A.B., Ontario, Canada

When we first started AiG about nineteen years ago, we decided to be located near the major population centers of the USA. We learned that almost two-thirds of Americans lived within a day’s drive of the Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area (within 650 miles), and then we were later pleased to learn that millions of Canadians also lived within a day’s drive.

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