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The Creation Museum has been open now for six years (incredible to believe), and one thing that continues to surprise me is the number of media representatives who continue to drop by. Recently, it was an international reporter with the Reuters news agency. Of course, managers and staff from Christian radio stations across America visit us regularly.

Verne Hill of radio station WBFJ in North Carolina recently came by with his family, and also members of his local HOPE homeschool group. The group spent two days here at the museum (many of our visitors are thanking us for the opportunity to stay a second consecutive day at no extra cost) because there is so much to see and do, as Verne shares below. Here is his testimonial:

Dear AiG:

We totally enjoyed our two days at the Creation Museum. Our visit was a time of learning, reflection, and worship.  Please send a BIG “Thank You” to everyone working and volunteering at the Museum.  Their smiles and joy were infectious.

We loved the museum’s Christ-centered focus, while scripturally explaining Genesis. There is definitely something for everyone:  the journey through the museum, lectures, planetarium, the gardens, and petting zoo.

Also, thanks for keeping prices affordable for the family!

Continued blessings as you expand and share Genesis -- and the Good News -- to the world. – Verne Hill, WBFJ radio/HOPE homeschool group, N. Carolina

I hope this encourages you to visit the Creation Museum this summer, especially with so many new additions:
  • Dragon Legends exhibit, with stunning new displays and large Chinese-style dragons
  • the high-tech “Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium”—with one of the best insect collections in the world
  • more than 20 new additions to the “Verbum Domini” rare Bible exhibit (even an Elvis Presley personal Bible!)
  • in mid-June, 20 long and high zip-lines are coming on the property
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