Get Ready for the Big Reveal: Our 2014 VBS Theme!

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For many years one of our desires at Answers in Genesis was to produce a yearly Vacation Bible School (VBS) program that taught kids to love Jesus and to know how to defend their faith. In 2007, the Lord brought together a talented team of writers, illustrators, designers, and videographers, and the following year we released our very first VBS program, Amazon Expedition. Since then, by God’s grace, we’ve been able to release one new program every year and the response has been overwhelming!

Our 2013 program, The Kingdom Chronicles, is the best yet. Over 4,000 churches have purchased The Kingdom Chronicles kits for this summer and we expect that hundreds of thousands of children (and adult helpers!) will be taught to stand strong in the battle for absolute truth by putting on the spiritual armor of God. These are just a few of the comments we’ve received about our VBS programs:

The BEST I've ever put on.... As long as AiG keeps producing these I'll never look at another :) This is our 2nd year.... Last year was INCRED(world)IBLE!! :) – Ginger R.
We loved the impact on the kids’ thinking from this interactive teaching. – Kristen H
Through VBS, our foster child, who is battling fears, has learned so much about God’s protection. He has learned so much about God’s love in VBS and has experienced what it is like to be surrounded by God’s warriors. – A parent at our test church
Our child was completely in love with the VBS theme! I’m so glad he was able to experience VBS. He couldn’t stop talking about each armor part and how he wanted a shield of faith so he will be able to block all of Satan’s attacks. – A parent at our test church
Our children never get out of bed easily, but during VBS week, they popped right out of bed and were waiting on me to get out the door. – Heather S.
The reminder of the spiritual battle during the teaching time spoke to my heart and convicted me to be more faithful. – A VBS volunteer
Emails kept coming in all week long from moms asking if they could still sign up their kids for our VBS because they heard it was the best one in town. – Kara S.
This VBS is “meatier” than other VBS programs. What I really like about the writing is that it’s not just fluff stuff. – A worker at our test church
We provide lots of fun “extras” with each of our programs, but we always want the focus to be on the following qualities:
  • Teaching children to answer the skeptical questions they hear about God and the Bible in school
  • Sharing the gospel with them in detail so they truly understand what it means to repent of their sins and believe in Jesus for salvation
  • Encouraging them to grow to become more like their Savior
That’s why I’m really looking forward to our next VBS program for 2014. From what I’ve seen of it, I think it will be even better than this year’s.

We’ll be announcing the theme on June 10, but in the meantime, check out beginning today for fun video clues about the theme.

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Thanks to all who have used our past VBS programs to teach children about God. I hope you’ll encourage your church to join Answers VBS for 2014!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying, Ken

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