Jurassic Park 3-D “Helps” Creation Museum!

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From April 5 until April 25, AiG was offered a phenomenal opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people—a unique outreach possibility that was presented to us by the advertising agency that promotes our Creation Museum and its many dinosaur exhibits.

In movie theaters in Indianapolis (Indiana), Cincinnati (Ohio), Columbus (Ohio), Dayton (Ohio), Louisville (Kentucky), and Lexington (Kentucky) that are showing the newly released Jurassic Park 3-D movie,* those people attending will learn about the Creation Museum. In these markets located within a two-hour drive of the museum, our award-winning, Hollywood-like, 30-second, animated commercial for the Creation Museum will be shown—before every showing on 458 screens in major theaters and during previews of every movie that is showing in those particular theaters. This will result in nearly 1,000,000 “impressions.” Also, the Creation Museum will be shown in every lobby of each theater in a video loop with other commercials.

Pray that this Creation Museum commercial will stimulate many moviegoers to visit the Creation Museum. We do work hard with our marketing company (Joseph David Advertising) to promote the Creation Museum with the view to reaching as many people as possible with the truth of creation and the gospel.

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*The original Jurassic Park film was released twenty years ago.

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