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It’s time to share one of the many positive testimonies we receive on a regular basis. AiG speaker and writer Dr. Tommy Mitchell shares with us today:

Several months ago, I met a wonderful couple at a conference in Mississippi. They told me that their wedding anniversary was coming up soon and they were considering a visit to our Creation Museum as part of their anniversary celebration.

I told them that if they decided to come, I would be happy to be their host and provide them with passes to the museum. As it happens, they did come to visit the Creation Museum. I wanted to share with you all a very nice email I got from them a few days later.

Dear Dr. Mitchell,

You asked me to write you after we got home from visiting the Creation Museum.  You wanted to know what we thought about the visit.  Well, I have been wondering how I’m going to sum up our anniversary trip to the Creation Museum.  If I were to write you back of everything that [my husband] and I thought, then you could probably stick a cover on it and have another book for the bookstore.  I asked myself what one word would I use to describe the Museum and that word which came to mind was “AWESOME”.

We spent two full days in there absorbing all that we could and making sure that we saw it all. There were moments when I felt like crying because my God was becoming bigger and more exciting to my husband and me … I’ve been raised in a strong conservative Christian home.  I was homeschooled as well.  However, my husband was raised in a public school and a slow-growing Christian.  I recently learned that he had even bought into the evolutionary ideas…UNTIL NOW!  He 100% now believes all the Bible is telling him and it has changed his life.  He’s different now and at times overwhelming, but in a WONDERFUL way.  God is good!  Ever since we got back, he can’t get enough of the Word or all the DVDs and books we brought back.

Do you know what joy the Lord has given me to see this hunger and change in my husband?  Do you know what excitement my heart has experienced with all this information that I am obtaining from the Bible?  My parents are the ones who got us started with Answers in Genesis.  We are now planning to get my parents up there to see the Creation Museum, too. Meanwhile they are enjoying, with us, all the bags of DVDs and books we bought in the bookstore.  [My husband] loves going to my parents’ house because they are ready for the next DVD and discussion.  [At] Christmas we read and discussed the booklets about what the Birth was probably like [including the booklet] “From Creation to Bethlehem”.  The entire family really enjoyed that.

Thank you for this gift and letting us enjoy the treasure in the Creation Museum.  It was the perfect Anniversary gift and perfect Anniversary memory.  Now to just see where God is going to take us with all this new knowledge.  [My husband] and I are praying about what He wants us to do as far as teach a class at church and share it with friends.  The Museum is PERFECT and God is all in that building!  His presence was felt and obvious!  We are praying for this ministry and for each of you that work there and help make all this happen.  May God continue to protect and bless.


We saw Ken Ham and had our picture taken with him!!! Oh, and if y’all ever want to open up a Museum here in Mississippi, I want a job!!!

A visit to the Creation Museum can be a life-changing event. I hope you all have a chance to make a trip here very soon. I think you will like it, too!
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