Secularists Are Targeting the Youth!

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In October, as many of you know, we released the new Answers in Genesis theme for the coming year. There is an increasing emphasis by secular evolutionary humanists to try to stop kids from hearing the truth about creation and to teach them evolution/millions of years as fact. So we decided that the theme for the next two years should center around reaching the current generation of children—and coming generations—and doing so in a very active way. The theme is “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids.”

Well, recently, I came across one online evolution forum called “Darwin Central.” Their byline was very telling: “Corrupting the World’s Youth Since 1859.” You know, secularists often accuse biblical creationists of various forms of “child abuse” because we teach that the biblical account of creation is the truth. But even though the above byline is clearly written tongue-in-cheek, it really reflects the mission of secularists. They want evolution and millions of years taught as fact, and they are totally intolerant of creationism—of God’s Word. I’ve said before that even Hitler knew the importance of winning over the youth in a culture when he said, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future!”

More and more, we see legislation in our Western world designed to protect the teaching of evolution so generations of kids can be indoctrinated by the state in a secular anti-God religion. A recent news item from the BBC explained how funding for free schools in the UK would be tied to the teaching of evolution as fact ( We are going to see this happen more in America, too—unless God’s people return to God’s Word and stand up for the truth beginning in Genesis. This is a wakeup call to Christians!

Here in America, children’s TV host Bill Nye “the science guy” has been very active in opposing biblical creation this past year, claiming that creationism is “not appropriate for children.” (You can view my two YouTube responses to Nye, “Ken Ham Responds to Bill Nye ‘The Humanist Guy’” and “Ken Ham Responds to Intolerant Bill Nye Defenders.”)

You see, there’s a common theme with all of the above examples—the secularists are targeting our children! They know that if they can win the hearts and minds of this generation, they’ll win the culture. What’s worse is that not only do we have to work hard not to let our kids be led astray by the anti-God teaching of the secularists, we have to work hard not to let them be led astray by compromising church leaders. Televangelist Pat Robertson said recently, in defense of millions of years, “And so if you fight revealed science you’re going to lose your children, and I believe in telling them the way it was.” (Read Dr. Tommy Mitchell’s analysis of Robertson’s remarks at this link.)

Sadly, what Robertson fails to understand is that it is precisely this kind of compromise on the authority of God’s Word that is causing our children to leave the church. Parents, I urge you to stand your ground and help stem the tide of the generational loss of biblical authority. Equip your children to answer the skeptical questions of the age, using resources like our New Answers Books series and New Answers Books for Kids series. That way, they’ll be more likely to remain strong in their faith and not falter under the pressure of an ever-increasing godless culture.

And please, pray for and support AiG in whatever ways you can as we do our best to help rescue the children from this present evil age.

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