Museum Testimonial—Five Days Here and Better than Disney World!

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Today is our free day at the Creation Museum. Through 3 p.m. today, we are offering free museum admission. This gift to the community is meant to be a reminder of the greatest Christmas gift of all—the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, our Creator and Savior.

The following family, which included three children, recently spent five days (that’s right, five days—there is so much to see and do here!) at the Creation Museum. While here, they told a staff member that coming to the Creation Museum was better than going to Disney World. Later they wrote to us:

Our family would like to express our thankfulness to God for all of the wonderful people at the Creation Museum.  For Christmas this year, our children requested a family trip rather than presents under the tree. But not a trip to Disney World or some other theme park decorated with candy canes, tinsel, snowflakes, and Santa Claus. No, our three children wanted to go to the Creation Museum instead.

Five days flew by as we experienced the Planetarium, Men in White, the new “Lucy” exhibit, “Verbum Domini” [rare Bible manuscripts on display], great speakers from AiG, great food at Noah’s Café, and classes with Dr. Menton (“Formed to Fly” and “Three Ways to Make an Ape Man”).   Every experience testified to the truth of the Bible, God’s creation, and the lordship of Jesus Christ.  This was reflected most in the staff – gracious, kind, helpful, friendly, and full of good will.

Having recently upgraded our museum pass to a five-year membership, the staff graciously invited us to attend an early session for “Christmas Town”.  At a time when so many others are trying to remove Christ from Christmas and to take the Holy out of the Holidays, it was such a blessing to experience.

Thank you for this teachable moment to remind my children that the greatest gift of all did appear at the foot of a tree.  Not a tree shaped like a triangle but a cross.  A gift wrapped in a tomb that only God could open.   And He did.

Thank you for this special Christmas gift.

– The S..B family, northern Alabama

Our free Christmas Town program—Bible-based dramas, tens of thousands of bright lights, a live Nativity, a sneak preview of a part of our future full-size Noah’s Ark, and much more—continues this Friday evening and Saturday evening. Last Saturday evening, we had almost 4,000 people turn out!

So don’t let Christmas end on December 25—come out to our Cincinnati/northern Kentucky area this Friday and Saturday and celebrate an extended Christmas.  For information on the free Christmas Town program, see

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