New Ark Exhibit Opened at Creation Museum

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The Creation Museum opened a new Ark exhibit this past Friday. This is a large outside display—a very intriguing one.

The talented designers for the Ark Encounter project (involving building a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark out of wood), designed one Ark bay (one of 132 such bays to go in the future Ark) to illustrate how much room there is inside, as well as a teaching exhibit about the size of the Ark.

This Ark bay has been built just outside the portico area of the Creation Museum and is facing the lake. See the following photos:

Ark Bay

Ark Bay

Ark Bay

This is the sign explaining how many such bays will be inside the Ark:

Bays in the Ark

This is a photo of a series of signs that explain the structure and the Ark Encounter project:

Ark Structure Signs

This sign shows where the actual bay (similar to this replica bay) will be located in the Ark itself:

Bay Location

Here is more information about this deck two bay:

Deck Two Bay

Deck Two Bay

This is information about the length of a cubit:

Cubit Length

This is an illustration showing phase one of the Ark Encounter project:

Ark Encounter Phase One

This sign gives a summary of the entire Ark Encounter themed attraction:

Ark Encounter Summary

Where will the Ark Encounter be located? The signs below explain. It will be in Williamstown, about 40 minutes from the Creation Museum. The Ark Encounter property is at exit 154 on Interstate 75 at Williamstown and is south of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ark Encounter Location

Ark Encounter Location

To give you a perspective of the Ark’s size, Creation Museum Foto FX photographer Deb Minnard created the image below that shows the Ark superimposed on the Creation Museum and AiG offices. Look to the left and you will see the Ark bay. This helps you get an idea of the size of the Ark and how this bay fits into the Ark.

Ark Encounter over Creation Museum

We also have another exciting exhibit being opened on Thursday—a unique Bible Museum exhibit! I will tell you more about that later this week.

Make sure you visit the Creation Museum soon. Go to for details.

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