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by Ken Ham on September 30, 2012

I love to work with other Christians who are like-minded so that together we can reach more people with the truth of God's Word beginning in Genesis. I will be speaking at a conference in Florida in a couple of weeks organized by Creation Today.

So, join me on October 12–13 in Orlando, Florida, for the Proof of God Conference. I promise that the conference will radically change the way you share and defend your faith! Act now to get in at a special AiG rate of $49.95 per person (that's $20 off regular pricing). Use coupon code "POGAIG" to take advantage of this offer. Visit to register or get more information.

Helping Special Needs Children

Over the years I have been amazed—but thrilled—at the number of parents who have told us that our books and also the music of Buddy Davis have had such a positive impact on autistic children.  Buddy received another such testimony this past week:
[A family] are very thankful for Buddy’s music.  [They have] a 12 year old son, Paul, who is severely autistic … they play Buddy’s music almost constantly throughout the day because Paul loves it so much & it helps to calm him down.

Trip “Is Paying Off”

Recently, the organizers of a Christian school group that traveled 14 hours from New Hampshire to get to our Creation Museum near Cincinnati sent this email:
We were certain [our son] was really questioning his faith and was not in a "good place".  [We] had a phenomenal conversation with him at bedtime this evening and was surprised by his position on a couple things.  He is definitely much more grounded than when he left!  Second, this boy hates reading, but bought a book on this trip because of hearing Ken Ham's message.  He's very much thinking about his relationship with God!  Thank you.  Just wanted to share with you one way this IS paying off. – Grateful Parent
Here is a photo of the Christian school group that drove all the way from New Hampshire:

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