VBS Down Under

by Ken Ham on September 10, 2012

It is thrilling to see more and more AiG resources getting into Australia, my homeland. One church loves to use AiG’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs. This year they used one of our VBS programs from a couple of years ago (we sometimes have limited left-over stock from previous VBS programs). Here is the exciting report from Down Under.

Well once again we ran our Vacation Bible School and this year the Egypt Files was stunningly successful! It was our 3rd VBS and we reached our maximum numbers in this program (150 children) this year without any advertising! We now have a waiting list for next year. We moved the venue from our school hall to our Church and it was so much better than previous years and so much more professional. (I didn’t think that was possible as the previous ones were so good!) …

It was worth all the work, and people just couldn’t stop raving about how good the program is. Many folk from other churches want to help next year and we are hoping to have 15 students from [a] Christian College come to help us out and also learn themselves. We had 6 teaching students this year from the College and they all want to come back and bring others. They knew nothing about Creation! We had so many children this year who have never had a thing to do with Christianity and loved it!

Our decorators really did a magnificent job and borrowed an Egyptian Collection (from a man in our church in Newcastle) and also managed to borrow a huge collection of Egyptian backdrops and Egyptian items from one of our churches in Queensland. The rooms looked brilliant as the teachers “ went overboard” decorating them! …

We are doing our best to spread the word far and wide about how superior this program is compared to other VBS programs. A few folk from other areas have come to check it out and they said theirs cannot compare with the content and professionalism that this one has. I get excited just reading the content! Gold Rushes, here we come in 2013!

Here are some photos taken during this VBS program Down Under:








AiG’s VBS program for 2013 is titled Kingdom Chronicles. I know I keep saying this, but I have to say, “Wow—this gets better every year!” I urge you to find out about Kingdom Chronicles for your VBS program next year.

Watch this video about Kingdom Chronicles.

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