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Amidst all the battles and negative things that can happen in this spiritual war between secular humanism and biblical Christianity, it is good to be reminded of how the Lord is using this creation/gospel ministry to impact lives. Here is an email received recently about a visit to our Creation Museum near Cincinnati:

WOW! What an experience; a great museum campus, done with excellence and skill.

I was very impressed! I was not “prepared to believe,” but now I do. I have been poring through all of the material and publications we purchased when my family and I visited the Creation Museum. We got so much that I thought it would take me through year-end to get through it, but I can’t put it down.

My family and I visited in late June and I was not at all enthusiastic about seeing a “Christian attempt” at doing a museum. I have been severely disappointed with Christian attempts to do these types of things in the past and am embarrassed at such lack of excellence when it comes to our attempts to beat the world at their own game. The displays, presentations, and even the music (we purchased the album) were done with excellence. We spent two days there and I could have stayed longer.

Bravo to you and your crew for creating something with such excellence, planning, and skill, and bravo to our greatGod, Creator and Father.

I have been a disciple of Christ since 1981 and did not put a great deal of importance on how literal the Genesis “stories” were/are. I have had many discussions with my non-believing and atheist friends and would give them a “concession” that it probably wasn’t six literal days, that evolution is valid in the strict scientific sense and could fit within the Biblical story (although I proudly stated that we did not come from apes), and that the Flood might not have been over the whole globe (but I was not willing to admit it to be a fable). Boy was I wrong! Part of my lack of boldness or defense was because I did not have the answers, and another part is that the “scientific evidence” is so overwhelming, prevalent, and ubiquitous in the American culture. Everything seems to fit now; at least some of the questions are answered or there are fewer questions in the Creation “model.”

I am now watching programs (Discovery, National Geographic, The Learning Channel, etc.) and reading journals (Scientific American and the old Omni magazine) with renewed perspective, and I have you to thank for setting the seed.

I remember going to the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest in Arizona as a youngster in 1969, and had dozens of questions about how the Canyon could be carved in such a fashion by just a river; it only made sense if it was simply deep and not wide. The park ranger who tried to answer my questions did not convince me with his responses, and the questions always remained.

I bought the Grand Canyon: a Different Perspective guide while at the Creation Museum and thoroughly enjoy it. I look forward to visiting the Canyon again with this new perspective.

I like the Creation Museum’s Seven C’s outline of history and how it is easy for kids to remember. I did appreciate the “Lucy” exhibit and the incredible use of holographic presentation of the information.

I had to write and tell you how much we appreciate what you have done and encourage you to continue to do such excellent work and avoid mediocrity.

I look forward to telling all my friends about this place and visiting often.

– D.L., Georgia

Praise the Lord! I know you will be encouraged as we are to receive such testimonies.

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