Robots at the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on August 21, 2012

Recently, a Robotics team from Bob Jones University in South Carolina ran workshops at the Creation Museum.

The BJU Science and Technology Ministry Team teaches students to program robots using what’s called the Lego Mindstorms NXT ®. Participants, who are placed in teams of three, learn teamwork and hone their problem-solving skills. This eye-opening workshop helps young people appreciate the complexities of God’s creation through the exciting study of robotics.

Here are some photographs taken during the workshops:








We are thrilled that the team from Bob Jones University visits the Creation Museum from time to time to run these popular robotics programs.

At the Creation Museum, we run many different kinds of workshops. Make sure you keep up with the ongoing Creation Museum programs as well as other ministry news by signing up for our newsletters.

More AiG Resources Now in Florida

We just arrived back after an Answers in Genesis Conference in Fort Myers, Florida. Lots of AiG resources were distributed so that more people will be impacted by the truth of God’s Word and know how to defend the Christian faith against the teaching of evolution and millions of years that is undermining the authority of the Word of God in our day.

Here is one of my favorite photos—a young girl enamored by AiG resources:


Here is the audience during one of my presentations.


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