Speaking at the “End of the World”

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Tomorrow, I have the privilege of speaking at the music and teaching festival in the UK called “Creation Fest.” It’s being held in the extreme southwestern part of England. “Land's End,” as the area is called, is as far west as you can go in England.

The festival grounds are located in Wadebridge and near Plymouth, the port from which many Pilgrims left for America in the 1620s for religious freedom. Also, just down the road is the famous town of Penzance, the site of the comic opera called “The Pirates of Penzance.” It’s a fascinating area of England.

I will be speaking Sunday afternoon at the festival site’s “Big Shed” as it’s called—on two occasions.

One of the other speakers is my friend Pastor Brian Brodersen, who was the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Westminster (London) many years ago and where I have spoken—Brian is now the associate pastor to Chuck Smith at the large church called Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (Calif.), and is a well-known radio Bible teacher on the program Back to Basics. His wife Cheryl (daughter of Chuck Smith) will also be there.

For your interest, here is the devotional I submitted to Creation Fest for those in attendance to go on Facebook and read.

To find out more about this free Christian music and teaching festival, go to www.creationfest.org.uk.

One of the other reasons I am in the UK is to be a part of our Olympic Games outreach—with 100 Americans who flew over yesterday—to engage in creation evangelism on London’s streets.  While I will not be going to London for any of the Olympic events, the 100 volunteers will hear me give a few talks on using apologetics to evangelize more effectively and then they will hit the streets of London to pass out our special booklets Big Ben Time and share their faith one-on-one with thousands of visitors from around the world. Then I will be speaking in a few location in England and N. Ireland—see my schedule at  www.answersingenesis.org/outreach/conferences

Find out more about our Olympic Games outreach this next weekend and next week at this link.

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