Three Video Crews Here in One Day!

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Even though the Creation Museum has been open more than five years, film crews from around the world continue to visit and film. On some days it can be a TV news team that has flown here from Japan to do a feature piece on the role of religion in America, to an article for a newspaper in Switzerland.

It was a particularly busy day last Wednesday when we had three different video crews visiting and filming the museum. One represented a live-action video for teens that will be produced primarily for Christian families, another is producing a pro-life documentary (I was interviewed, along with Dr. Georgia Purdom), and the third represented a major TV outlet (which we’ll keep quiet for the moment). The documentary film, to be released in 2014, will be on the creation vs. evolution issue and done in a balanced way, on a network with a viewership of several million people in America and England. In a few months, I’ll let you know more about this creation vs. evolution documentary. Because the crew was here for four days filming in the museum and interviewing me and other staff, AiG and our Creation Museum should have a prominent place in this major film.

Yes, the media are still fascinated by the museum and also the Ark Encounter.

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