Reporting from Afghanistan

by Ken Ham on July 25, 2012

We received an email from a person in the U.S. military* deployed in Afghanistan. I was so taken by what this serviceman wrote as a comment on the Ark Encounter blog (where we discuss the building of a full-size, evangelistic Noah’s Ark in northern Kentucky), that I believed I should share this with all of you:

As a recent supporter I was encouraged to see the update to the Ark Encounter Thermometer.

It will have to suffice to say that I have been richly blessed through God's action on my life through the ministry of Answers in Genesis. In response to that blessing, I had a desire to display obedience to the teaching of Jesus that a worker deserves his pay (Luke 10:7). I also desire that the blessings God has given through this ministry will stay long on my house and my family.

In the decision to purchase a charter membership [for the Ark Encounter] I was motivated to set before my children a picture of Christ. Every time my children see an advertisement or article from Answers in Genesis I want them to know that they have free admission to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter because the price has already been paid by their father. I want that knowledge to serve to remind them that Jesus Christ has paid the price of admission to the Father. I also want my children to know that I place a very high value on their instruction in the scripture.

After discussion and prayer, my wife and I recently purchased a charter membership for the Ark Encounter. … Less than a week later she took our children and her mother to the creation museum for the first time. Though I am currently in Afghanistan, I was able to see pictures and video of their visit. Hearing the stories my wife told of the visit brought literal tears of joy to my eyes. Even this joy was surpassed by hearing my wife affirm the decision to purchase the lifetime passes for our family. I rejoice in the fact that though separated by many miles, my wife and I are walking side by side in the goal of training our children in the knowledge of God.

To the AIG team: thank you for your faithful ministry in providing daily encouragement to me during my current deployment and for instructing my family in my absence. I continue to visit your website and to pray that God will continue to work through you.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


*Based on what we know, including the writer’s use of the words “current deployment,” AiG believes this person is in military service in Afghanistan and is not a contract worker for the military. Please pray for his safety.

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