Cave Witnessing

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One of the families that attended the AiG Proclaiming the Faith conference in Branson last week sent us this email:

Friday, after the conference had ended, I took my family down to [one of the cave attractions] … the girl at the … gift shop … said, "Oh, [you’re] from that Answers in Genesis group.  Someone from your group came here on Wednesday, and gave me one of those BEGIN books, and I really love it.  I just started reading it and I can't wait to finish it.  I had never heard of Ken Ham before, or Answers in Genesis,  but I'm going to go and look them up on the internet as soon as I get the chance and see what I can learn."

She was totally excited about what she was reading in the BEGIN book, and her desire to learn more was evident … We were able to give them a copy of the "eye-catching" brochure on cave formation edited by Andrew Snelling.  May the Lord use these opportunities to increase His kingdom.

More and more people are using AiG resources to make a difference in the culture! How we praise the Lord for that.

Kids Love Buddy

Kids just love AiG’s singer and dinosaur sculptor Buddy Davis. See below for some photos of Buddy after the special children’s programs yesterday in Cary, North Carolina. Families gathered in a long line to meet Buddy! What a thrill to see so many young kids who love Buddy’s songs and so love the AiG ministry.

Buddy Davis Buddy Davis Buddy Davis Buddy Davis Buddy Davis Buddy Davis

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