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Here is a practical example of how what we teach through AiG is bearing fruit in other parts of the world. We received this email this past week about our book One Race One Blood (the title comes from Acts 17:26):

I am trying to share a story with Ken Ham concerning his book "One Blood".  I work as a missionary in W. Africa in a predominately Muslim area.  I was sitting with some older men last week and one of them asked me the question: Ifyou were in an accident here and they took you to the hospital and they had no white man's blood, only black man's blood, would you receive it? I was so grateful that I had read Ham's book [One Race One Blood] years back and was able to share the story of Noah and how all peoples spread over the earth after the confusion at the tower, and how.
The missionary then told how he explained our skin color (that we are all the same color—just different shades depending on the combination of genes we receive from our parents).

The missionary concluded his email:

I finished it by quoting Brother Ken: "Friend, we are all One Blood!"  The man jumped up and shook my hand and said he would not eat or drink the rest of the day.  The food I gave him would satisfy him.  Bless you brother for writing the book.
How we praise the Lord for testimonies like this. The message of One Race One Blood needs to be given in every church in America! There is still racism and prejudice even in some churches because people don’t build their thinking on the Word of God and believe the true history of the world as given in Genesis.

If you have never read One Race One Blood, please consider obtaining the book and reading it carefully. You can order it at this link.

In North Carolina

Today we began our AiG conference in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina at Colonial Baptist Church. Dr. Gary Parker, Buddy Davis, and I will be making a number of presentations—and Buddy will also give a couple of concerts. This is going to be a special time for those who can attend. You can find out more information on the event page.

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