They Pulled an “All Nighter”

by Ken Ham on July 15, 2012

Recently a group of teens and church leaders from Piney Grove Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia, came to the Creation Museum. They had traveled all through the night to arrive in the morning, but you wouldn’t have known it from their enthusiasm when they arrived. They were so excited to visit the museum for the first time.

The church leaders have been using AiG resources to teach their youth over the years. They are a small church with only about 35 families, but they used our VBS curriculum The Egypt File recently with great responses from about 50 children. They also set a mission goal of raising $100 during the VBS for the Ark Encounter project (a full-size, evangelistic Noah’s Ark) and ended up raising $300, which they gave us last week! Attached is a photo of AiG’s Advancement Director, Joe Boone (far left), with their group after Joe presented them with an Ark Encounter sponsorship certificate.

Piney Grove Baptist Church

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