Creation Museum Billboards in New York Times Magazine Sunday

by Ken Ham on June 29, 2012

The Creation Museum’s current billboard campaign (across the USA) has been reported in many news outlets around the country. This weekend, there will be a mention of the museum campaign in the New York Times Magazine. The writer has a little sarcastic dig at us, but at least the billboards are being noticed!

To remind you, here are a few of the 20 different billboards:

This is what will appear in the New York Times Magazine, which will be sent with this coming Sunday’s NYT paper—on page 11:


Animatronic dinosaurs roam the Creation Museum’s Garden of Eden exhibit, and a new billboard campaign brings the prehistoric reptiles front and center ‘‘to teach the true history of the world, according to the Bible.’’ If only Mark Twain could visit. Man, he deadpanned in the satirical 1903 essay ‘‘Was the World Made for Man?’’ needed reptiles ‘‘not to eat, but to develop himself from.’’

The total circulation (print and digital subscriptions) of the New York Times Sunday newspaper is 2,003,247. The daily paper average is 1,586,757.

If you see one of our billboards, please let us know, and if you are able to, please post a photo with the location of one of these spectacular billboards on our Creation Museum Facebook page.

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