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Most guests who come to our Creation Museum are surprised at how big the place is. And when they realize there are also many things to do outside the museum on the beautiful grounds (such as visiting our petting zoo), plus the special programs conducted throughout the day (workshops for children, lectures, stargazing in the evening, and so on), they often decide to come back a second day.

Feedback from our visitors prompted us recently to create an excellent bargain for all of our guests. Each ticket to the museum is now good for two consecutive days so that as much of the museum experience can be taken in. Also, the next day at the museum can feature different lecturers and workshops than day one.

We often read blog posts where people tell us that they are glad they spent a second day at the museum. I came across one blog item from an Illinois family: it not only offered a summary of their visit to the museum but also contained some exceptional photography—see As you scroll through the professionally done photos this family took, notice that they decided to spend two days with their young children. Yes, the museum holds the attention of young people. It is a very friendly place for families.

I also wanted to thank our friends at Mid-Continent University for organizing a bus trip to the Creation Museum—a group is here today and Saturday. I spoke at this Baptist college in western Kentucky earlier this year, and because of the interest that was stirred by the meetings, people from all around western Kentucky are on this museum tour and made the five-hour drive. For your interest, here is a radio spot that was produced to promote the MCU visit.

And with more than 100 Creation Museum billboards appearing on many of the nation’s interstates and major highways, we are expecting very good crowds at the museum this summer.

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