See the Grand Canyon from a Creationist Perspective—Don’t Miss This Unique Opportunity!

by Ken Ham on April 6, 2012

To follow up my blog post on Tuesday where I discussed two travel websites, I wanted to suggest to you an incredible travel destination: a raft trip through the Grand Canyon, a great testimony to the Flood of Noah’s time. For information on how you can receive some excellent teaching on what the Bible says about Noah’s Flood, and how the Grand Canyon is a wonderful monument to the accuracy of the biblical account—plus receive uplifting Bible teaching and devotionals from my brother Steve Ham—visit this web page and learn about this raft trip on August 30–September 2.

Since my brother Steve is taking his teenage son David on the trip as something of a “father-son outing,” maybe there are some of you—as the school year is starting—who would consider taking your son on such a trip. I have been on one of these Grand Canyon raft journeys, and I’ll tell you that it really helps me better understand the importance of using the Grand Canyon as a testimony to what the Bible teaches in Genesis chapters 6–9. The raft trip made my talks on the Flood more effective. Once you have actually been on one of these trips and seen the massive sedimentary layers, you will be perplexed as to how people can believe in millions of years for these layers to form! What a great witness this can be to you and your children and friends.

Here is the testimonial of a ministry friend in New York who traveled cross-country with his son to join us on one of these memorable Canyon adventures:

My son Kyle and I had the privilege of rafting through the Grand Canyon with Canyon Ministries and Answers In Genesis.  The Lord used this opportunity to bless us in several key ways:

- We saw (and often touched) so much evidence of the global Flood and its devastating effects.  This has broadened and deepened our appreciation and understanding of this crucial period of biblical history.

- Through Tom Vail we learned the Biblically rooted scientific explanations for the physical evidence found in the Grand Canyon.

- From Steve Ham we heard several devotionals that challenged us to stand firm on the authority of God’s Word and the hope of the gospel.

- We enjoyed quality time together with both Tom and Steve (and Steve’s wife Trish).  They all were very accessible and genuinely interested in getting to know us and in sharing themselves with us as well.

- We had great fellowship and fun with fellow believers from around the country.

I could go on and on describing the charter plane flight over the canyon, the helicopter ride to the Canyon floor, the white-water rafting, the beauty of the Grand Canyon, the excellent meals, the breathtaking night skies, etc.  But I’ll end with my son Kyle’s parting statement at the end of the trip:  “Dad, we have to come back again, but next time we take an even longer trip!”

– Rob S., Long Island, NY

Take a look at the Grand Canyon raft trips page for more information.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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