Big Dreams and a Little Pony

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I loved this testimony received from Sarah Ishida recently:

Answers in Genesis excites me because it dreams big and exercises creativity while proclaiming biblical truth. From the A is for Adam children’s book to the latest Ark Encounter endeavor, Answers in Genesis has touched thousands of minds and hearts.

Answers in Genesis personally touched me when I was a teenager. I had sent a hand-written letter telling “to whom it may concern” that I was interested in someday serving with this ministry. “To whom it may concern” turned out to be an AiG staff member who responded to me with a hand-written letter of his own.  I later met him while attending Creation College 3. During this event I also met Mr. Ken Ham and had him sign the “My Little Pony” I had painted featuring the Answers in Genesis logo. Mr. Ham obliged with a smile.

Now as a senior humanities major at Bob Jones University, I am as interested as ever to work with Answers in Genesis. Like Answers in Genesis, I have big dreams and a desire to influence individuals for the Creator. After graduation, I hope to pursue an MA in philosophy of religion while continuing to serve as the curriculum illustrator at my church. In addition to illustration, I also enjoy writing and have had a short story accepted for publication—someday I hope to say the same for my novel.  I am eager to see what God has for the future of Answers in Genesis. As the owner of an ark plank, I look forward to attending the grand opening of the Ark Encounter—perhaps I’ll even take my pony along.

Sarah also had a pony autographed by AiG illustrator and cartoonist, Dan Lietha.

Here are two photos Sarah also sent:

Creation College Creation College

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