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What do Winter Jam, the Creation Museum, and the book Already Gone have in common? Well, God is using all of these resources to reach the hearts of this next generation—and student pastors—all across the country.

Recently, our Creation Museum had an exciting opportunity to partner with Eddie Carswell and the Winter Jam tour (which hosted 580,000 people this past year). As a part of this, we are placing the resources of AiG into the hands of nearly 15,000 student pastors participating in the tour this year. This included our book on why so many young people are leaving the church, Already Gone. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that most of these pastors had visited our Creation Museum (about 90 miles from Louisville).

Just last weekend I was able to share a little about AiG and the Creation Museum with nearly 20,000 people at Winter Jam in Louisville, Kentucky.

In the first photo, I am waiting to go on the stage and briefly speak to the huge crowd.

Being introduced on stage at Winter Jam.

Praying at Winter Jam.

A part of the crowd in Freedom Hall.

Here I am addressing about 150 student pastors at Winter Jam.

We were so grateful to have been given the opportunity to reach out to so many student pastors and young people with our message of biblical authority and to promote the faith-building articles on our website as well as the Bible-centered teaching at the Creation Museum. Even though there are different views of music throughout the church, we praise the Lord that the organizers of this event have such a sincere heart to see young people be won to the Lord and to be equipped with apologetics teaching.

Watch Out for Dinosaurs

There’s another event traveling the county right now, but it’s one that is not friendly to Christianity. A dinosaur exhibition might be coming to your area soon, so get prepared by reading our lead article about it on our homepage today (with short videos and several photos of the exhibition).

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