“Lucy” to Take up Residence at Creation Museum

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“Lucy” is the name of the well-known supposed ape-like relative of humans. AiG’s talented artists and sculptors (Jessie, Stephanie, Ben, and Doug) have been working on a Lucy exhibit that will be installed in the Creation Museum in the next few months.

There will be five copies of the Lucy head on the back side of the exhibit, each finished with different eyes, skin coloration, and hair color/pattern. The teaching point will simply be that nobody knows for sure what Lucy looked like, so the artist projects his beliefs about Lucy onto the viewer simply by his artistic choices. We will probably also display the fragmented skull (casts of what was actually found) with these heads to emphasize how little there really is to go from.

The photos are all in-progress shots. The one that looks like an orangutan (red hair) is Jesse’s. The gorilla-like one with black skin is Stephanie’s, and the one with more human-like coloration is Ben’s take on the classic ape-man. Doug is making a chimp version (with spotty skin and gray hair). They all still have a lot of work to be done on them. The fifth one is yet to be determined. We don’t know if we should give it very modern human hair, eyes and skin or make it more fanciful, perhaps with blue skin and hair. Either would be intend to show that the artist can arguably finish Lucy any way he wants. The fossils that are uncovered don’t capture that information. Of course, what we believe Lucy to be will be obvious—some sort of chimp. See Dr. David Menton’s video on Lucy.

There will also be holographic images associated with the exhibit. It will be quite high-tech.

Here are the photos:

In Bermuda—for Ministry!

Most people think of Bermuda as a vacation spot. Well I am in Bermuda for the weekend to conduct an AiG conference Sunday morning and evening and Monday evening. The program is free, but people have to obtain tickets so they can get a seat. The response has been great! As of this past Thursday, there were not many seats left.

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