“The BEST Trip We Have Ever Taken”

by Ken Ham on January 6, 2012

Even though the secularists write a few blog posts denigrating the Creation Museum, there is an overwhelming number of blog posts like this one that begins with the following:

Right after Christmas, my family and I took a trip with our youth department to The Creation Museum. We started following the progress of the museum back when it was just a thought. Then it was finished, but we didn't go for the opening year [2007] ... Finally though ...  we made it there! And boy was it worth it!
They added, “It is beautiful! Truly beautiful. Such detail and information every way you turn. It was so faith building and affirming. I thought it was the BEST trip we have ever taken.”

Read their blog post to view the photographs they took and get a feel for why they made the glowing statements.

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