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I thought it would be good to include one of the great emails we received this past week so you can praise the Lord with us for the way He impacts lives with AiG resources. This AiG supporter is using the new Begin book to begin with new believers!

I just finished you[r] and Bodie's "Begin" and ordered a case for our ministries around here.  Powerful and very well put together --- very needed with new people and the gospel presentation   Thank you both very much --- well done and Praise the Lord.  We give out many new [B]ibles, but new people are like a pup in a meat shop, they just don't know what to snap into first.

Also read your "Already Compromised" a couple months ago now and was just as impressed.  Page 134 states you and Greg [Hall] were both products of secular schools, but had to deal with the baggage.  Actually I have come from a church background where lots of baggage had to be discarded along the way --- and oh my, I'm like Paul --- I don't even want to look back -- but just press on forward --- what's ahead is too good to agonize over the past.

You can find out more about the Begin book at this link.

Thanks to the Lord for the encouraging feedback we receive each day.

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