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Just a few weeks ago, we welcomed Dr. Gerald Harris, editor of The Christian Index ( to Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. The Christian Index is the state paper for Southern Baptists in Georgia, with many subscribers in other southeastern states.  I was privileged to be able to show Dr. Harris through the museum and AiG offices.  What a blessing to read the well-written article that was just published in The Christian Index!  When I saw the article, I exclaimed, “WOW!”

I wanted all of you to see this article, so it is posted below for you.

I do want to thank Dr. Gerald Harris for his high-quality journalism and for publishing this article, so many more people in Georgia and beyond will be aware of what I believe is one of the leading evangelistic facilities in America today—the Creation Museum! (Did you know that Atlanta is a 7-hour drive from the museum?)

Click on the image below to open the article.

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