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After 17 years on the air and 100 volumes consisting of almost 4,500 programs, Answers . . . with Ken Ham will be adopting a new format to better serve its radio audiences and stations. The current 90-second format airs daily, Monday through Friday, on more than 500 radio stations nationwide. “We have made the decision to move to a 60-second format largely in response to the wishes of Christian radio stations around the country. Many of them have been telling us that a shorter program will fit better into their daily schedules,” said Mark Looy, co-host of the show with me. He also stated, “We are excited about the opportunities this will open for the program to be heard on hundreds of new radio stations.” The new format will be sent to the radio stations beginning in early May.

While the program’s new 60-second format is nearing its final demo stages of development before beginning broadcast next year, if you know any radio stations interested in signing up to carry the acclaimed show, they may contact Katie Livingston at Answers in Genesis at (859) 727-2222 ext. 461.

Pictured in the photo above, left to right, are me; Dale Mason, VP Media; and Mark Looy, program announcer and CCO of AiG.

A highly successful program for the past 17 years, Answers . . . with Ken Ham has received many accolades, and upon the occasion of its 100th volume and the recent recording of its 4,500th episode, Christian leaders around the country sent congratulatory video messages to AiG for its high-quality production. You can view all these on the 5 minute video linked to below. These video messages came from the likes of the following people:

  • Woodrow Kroll (President, Back to the Bible)
  • Tim Wildmon (President, American Family Association)
  • Dr. Albert Mohler (President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • Kay Arthur (Precept Ministries International)
  • Don Landis (President, Jackson Hole Bible College)
  • Dr. Charles Ware (President, Crossroads Bible College)
  • Dr. John D. Morris (President, Institute for Creation Research)
  • Dr. John C. Whitcomb (co-author The Genesis Flood)
A 5-minute video compilation of their congratulatory comments, which were shown to AiG employees at a staff chapel, has been produced and placed online for Answers . . . with Ken Ham radio audiences to enjoy. These may be viewed by going to and clicking on the banner “What others are saying.”

Also available online are podcasts of the radio program at iTunes, via this link on the show’s webpage, These programs are provided free online, and play a key role in Answers in Genesis’ evangelistic/apologetics mission to proclaim the authority and accuracy of the Bible “from the very first verse!”

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