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Recently, we released a new book called Begin. Simply put, we present the gospel the way God does it in the Bible—by starting at the beginning in Genesis. You can read details about the book in this article I wrote on the AiG website.

An AiG supporter wrote the following to us about this new powerful tool for evangelism:

Thank you thank you thank you! for the new book "Begin." I was searching for some study that I could use for our "Bible Curriculum" this year in homeschooling, that would give my children an overall thorough picture of the Word and what we believe. I looked on your website and there it was!

We just got our copy in the mail today and started going through it. After the children went to bed, I couldn't help going over the whole book from cover to cover. I can hardly wait to go through more tomorrow with the children!  ;)  We had already been working on reading through Genesis before I found out about the book, and now they'll be getting even more out of the study.

Love the 10 things a Christian should know section, at the end of the book. Blessings to you who bring "Good News!"

The first printing of Begin has already sold out! The book is currently on back order, but we should receive more around Monday, October 3. You can purchase your copies of Begin on the online store.

Igniting Passion

It was thrilling to receive the feedback below from one of the committee members who brought the AiG conference to Niagara Falls, New York, recently:
Our committee has already been thinking about what we can do to follow up on this. In the immediate future, we intend to make use of AiG materials for small group studies and for our church libraries, as well. We're also thinking about a bus trip to the Creation Museum sometime next year. We had formed this committee with the sole purpose of planning the creation conference, but it looks as though this may be just the start of something, rather than the end.

I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic conference! We're hearing so many stories about how people have been impacted by what they heard on Saturday. Praise be to God!  I'm so grateful for you and the ministry of AiG. It has made such an impact on my life and given me a passion for the Word of God. My prayer all along is that God would use this conference to ignite that same passion in others. I'm so excited that God allowed me to be a part of this. May God continue to bless you and the AiG ministry.

We praise the Lord for the way AiG is being used to ignite passion in others!

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