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Recently on my Facebook page, I stated the following concerning a Fox News poll:   "If it accurately represents the population in the USA, then why is evolution taught as fact in schools?  Why do secularists have so much control over what is taught?  I think there are a number of reasons and will comment later."

The poll question concerning creation/evolution was as follows:

Which do you think is more likely to actually be the explanation for the origin of human life on Earth:
  • The theory of evolution as outlined by Darwin and other scientists
  • The Biblical account of creation as told in the Bible,
  • or Are both true?
45-50% responded, “The Biblical account of creation as told in the Bible.”  Now although many people when questioned deeply might have different views on what they mean by this, I ask again, “Why do secularists have so much control over what is taught?  Why is creation excluded from public schools and only the religion of evolution taught—and taught as fact?”

I think there are many reasons—but here are some:

  1. Many Christians have not been taught how to defend the Christian faith and answer skeptical questions and are thus easily intimidated by scientists.  If Churches taught apologetics to young people and adults and equipped their people to understand the creation/evolution issue properly, with knowledge on how to answer questions, this would encourage more Christians to be vocal about these issues.  Instead, the secularists are the very vocal ones and Christians have by and large sat back and allowed them to take over the education system etc.
  2. I find many Christians have been indoctrinated in the false notion of neutrality.  Atheists try to make out they are not religious, whereas Christians are supposedly the religious ones.  Actually, there are ultimately only two religions in the world—one either starts with God's Word or Man's word.  Atheists basically worship man.  Their faith starting point is that man determines truth and the Bible is not true.  The Bible teaches clearly one is either for Christ or against—there is no neutral position.  When creation, Bible, and prayer were basically thrown out of public schools, many Christians were indoctrinated to believe that the schools are now neutral—but they are not—they are against Christ (even though there are some Christians as missionaries in the system).  Christians have been brainwashed into thinking that if they stand for the Bible, they are imposing their religion on the schools/culture—but in standing back and basically allowing this situation, they have allowed secularists to impose their anti-God religion on the system.
  3. I find most Christians don't understand that evolution and millions of years are a direct attack on the authority of Scripture.  So many Christian leaders have compromised with man's pagan religion to explain life without God, that many in the churches don't comprehend that this undermines biblical authority and over time, coming generations begin walking away from the church.  Right now we are seeing two-thirds of young people walking away from the church by the time they reach college age.  That is why we published the book Already Gone to wake the church up in regard to this matter.
Of course, there are many other factors we could consider also—but the above I believe are major reasons contributing to the problem in our culture that has allowed the secularists to impose their religion on this nation in a big way.

At Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, we are pouring out information daily to equip and challenge people concerning the truth of God's Word beginning in Genesis.  For example, we try to keep up with latest developments and be “always ready” to give responses for why you can trust the Word of God. We’ve received many requests to discuss the latest on the sediba find, and you can see that we have a preliminary response and will be providing in-depth analysis over the next few days. We need to raise up generations who are prepared to stand boldly for the authority of the Word of God and stand up to this small minority (yes, it is a minority, and yes it is a SMALL minority) of secularists who control the education of most children.

By the way, you can read the results of this poll for yourself at www.foxnews.com/us/2011/09/07/fox-news-poll-creationism/

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