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They Heard the Message

by Ken Ham on September 6, 2011

Yesterday at the Creation Museum, 35 signers helped hearing-impaired people (attending our special “Deaf Day”) hear the message of the Creation Museum. Actually, most of the museum’s videos, as well as the Planetarium, have close captioning—but the signers helped in other areas and in ministering to these with a hearing impairment.

Here are photographs taken throughout the day that give you a little glimpse into what it was like at the Creation Museum for “Deaf Day.”

Praise the Lord we are able to conduct special outreaches like this. And thank you to all the signers who gave of their time to make this a special day. And thanks to LaRosa's Pizza for providing them lunch and Kroger groceries for the bottled water.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,



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