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Our ministry friend David Wheaton has changed careers—from being a world-ranked tennis player to a broadcaster on the topic of the biblical worldview. His ministry is called The Christian Worldview, and its mission is to equip Christians to develop a full biblical worldview about life and faith—and to share the gospel.

David’s ministry is perhaps best known for his The Christian Worldview nationally syndicated radio program that is broadcast every Saturday from 8-9am Central Time on about 200 radio stations. My “baby” brother, Steve, was David’s guest last weekend, and among other things they talked about our upbringing in Australia. You can listen to the interview at

The Beauty of God’s Creation

Even though the world is so adversely affected by sin and the Curse (Genesis 3), we still see the hand of the infinite Creator God and the beauty of His incredible design.  Here are some photographs AiG photographer Deb Minnard took in the Creation Museum gardens this week.  The flower is a perennial hibiscus.

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