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We live in an age when many people in the younger generations have been indoctrinated to believe the Bible is not authoritative and just a fallible book of myths. God has raised up ministries like Answers in Genesis to challenge people concerning the authority of God’s Word—that it is the infallible Word of the Creator God. As a result, we have seen many testimonies like this one below that we received recently:

I'd like to thank you for such a ministry like yours that stands up so boldly  for the Bible and Christ in this age that we live in, second it was because of your ministry that I could believe the Bible. I've been to the [Creation Museum] well over 50 times . . . but  just wanted to say thank you and the folks at AIG and the museum  for taking such a stand for the people like me who have understanding of the times and want the truth to defend what they believe and why. I've been praying one day the Lord allows me the opportunity to start my own creation ministry but for now I've been using the museum for co workers and friends who are unsaved. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Testimonies like this are what keep us going amidst the stresses and the many varied attacks we receive.

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