Not So Honorable After All

by Ken Ham on August 5, 2011

Do you recall me mentioning a few weeks ago a 7–8 minute TV segment that appeared nationwide on the PBS program Religion & Ethics News Weekly? It was a balanced piece, and gave us considerable national airtime on hundreds of PBS stations (for which we’re very thankful).

Here is a link to that PBS video. As you watch, please note the comments (towards the beginning of the segment) made by a pastor in Louisville, Kentucky, who stands against Answers in Genesis, our Creation Museum, and the future Ark Encounter (a full-size Noah’s Ark).

Note that Pastor Joseph Phelps was interviewed as saying, “I honor anyone who has a different understanding of creation than I or our church might have.” Well, we are in receipt of an exchange of letters between Pastor Phelps and one of our supporters in northern Kentucky, who lives just a few miles north of the proposed Ark Encounter site. There is no indication that the pastor wanted his letter to be kept confidential, yet I won’t reprint the entire letter here. However, I will note that one of the last lines in his letter to our supporter said the Ark Encounter will be promoting a “religious theme that runs counter to all intelligent understandings of this earth.”

I just don’t see how this pastor could say on TV that he “honors” anyone with a different view of Genesis when he makes a snide comment stating that our beliefs “runs counter to all intelligent understandings of this earth.”

This is just another example of the sad compromise that exists within the Christian church, and this compromise sometimes turns into attacks on a ministry like ours that attempts to uphold the accuracy and the authority of the Bible from the very first verse. He also did not write in a way that honored our AiG supporter, who is a highly professional man (he is a captain for Delta Airlines)—and very intelligent and educated.

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