Were You There?

by Ken Ham

Recently, I wrote a blog item about a young girl who very politely challenged a guide at a NASA exhibit about the supposed billions of years date for a moon rock. See the previous blog post.

Well, we have found that certain secularists and atheists regularly monitor my blog and Facebook. They really get upset when they hear of any instances of children learning about the truth of God’s Word, starting in Genesis. They continually use the term “child abuse,” for example. They want to indoctrinate children with the idea that they are just animals and life has no meaning or purpose. These are the same people who usually support killing millions of children by abortion. They support such shocking “child abuse” in the womb, but accuse people like us at AiG who tell children the truth about the God of creation of being abusers.

These secularists also either do not understand the difference between historical and operational (or observational) science, or they do understand but just can’t allow those they attempt to brainwash to understand it. People need to know that molecules-to-man evolution is a belief (i.e., a religion). In fact, the belief in the idea of billions of years is really a religion—the secularist religion they adhere to in their attempts to explain life without God. Of course, the reason secularists are so emotional about all this is because they don’t want to be accountable to God—they don’t want to acknowledge they are sinners in need of salvation and that they are under judgment by a holy God.

As a result of my previous blog post, secularists tried to bombard my Facebook page and also sent emails to us. Many of their communications were blasphemous, vile, obnoxious, and full of expletives and ad hominem attacks.

One email we received was short and simply asked us if we were there. I decided to respond for our Friday feedback article on the AiG main website. You can read the feedback article on the front page.

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