An Amazing Week

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Comments about AiG’s 2011 Vacation Bible School (VBS) program, entitled Gold Rush, are pouring in!

Here are some from this past week:

We loved the apologetic theme! Our church wide theme for the summer was apologetics so we knew God was directing us to your VBS! We loved every minute and were able to present these most essential truths to over 550 children with 100 of our mission partners children - what an incredible blessing! We had 67 decisions for Christ and we are praising God for his goodness! Thank you all for an incredible VBS! (B.R.)
The continuing results of "Gold Rush" VBS is evident in our church. As the invitation was given Sunday, children who made decisions to follow Christ during VBS lined up with their families at the altar. VBS teachers and the Director (yours truly) shed tears of joy! God says His Word will not return void and always brings forth fruit. Thank you for keeping your VBS materials centered in God's Word. (L.J.T.)
Just a thank you for your VBS "Gold Rush". My Church used it this year. Every one working in the program commented how easy, instructional, enjoyable the program was. The best part was 22 young people accepted Christ as their Savior. One night 12 young people asked their instructor during the lesson if they could accept Christ. The teacher brought them to the both the Youth Pastors & Pastor to pray with them. Praise God! (B.V.)

Thank you for producing the wonderful Gold Rush VBS! Our Bible School was June 6-10, and I honestly believe it was the best we have ever had. There was a very sweet spirit throughout our VBS this year. The theme worked very well to teach the kids the Good News of Jesus Christ. Every aspect of the Gold Rush VBS was integrated in such a way that the kids got the same message throughout the day - from the opening assembly to the Bible time to recreation to snacks to crafts to the closing assembly and drama. The resources and leader guides were very helpful. The drama was one of the best ever. The music was also a blessing. The songs stuck with the kids very quickly and served as great vehicles to get Bible truths into young lives. The songs (contemporary) were tasteful, had good melodies and words, and ministered to our hearts. The selection of Bible verses was also very good. Here is a blessing for you - we encouraged our kids to memorize the theme verse for each day. Out of an average attendance of 135 children (K-5 through 5th grade), over 50 memorized all 5 Bible verses and recited them to an adult during the week! All of the kids learned one or more verse. Our goal is to get the Bible into young lives, and your materials certainly helped us do that. Praise the Lord!

I believe this was our 4th year using Answers in Genesis VBS materials. They have all been good but Gold Rush was simply outstanding. Thank you again for producing such wonderful, fun, usable, and Bible-centered VBS materials. Answers in Genesis has certainly been a blessing to the Lord's work in our church and community. (J.Y.)

We had an amazing week! God did a mighty work! The workers were joyful people were plugging in wherever needed with a smile! At least 8 kids got saved! Our biggest class was our 4-5th grade! God is so God! He answered so many prayers and even kept the rain away for the week which is amazing in WA right now! To God Be The Glory! (M.K.)
We had a great week. Several decisions and lots of questions and Answers so I am sure more will follow.  (J.S.)
Amazing!!!! First time we used Answers VBS. It is awesome. We had a great turn out and spread the good news to so many new families. Lots of great feedbacks from families. (L.M.)
Amazing hearing the name of Jesus on the lips of so many kids. praise God for all the work He has done (B.P.)
Great! The kids liked the challenge of the curriculum and we had six kids want to know more about Jesus! (B.G.)
115 kids for GOLD RUSH! Praise the Lord for a very smooth, safe and fun opening night. We will NOT be fooled by counterfeits...YeHaw! Thanks AIG for this amazing curriculum that is fun and filled with TRUTH! (M.B.)
[Gold Rush] was amazing!! Had more kids than we'd ever had and 1 accepted Christ and had spiritual conversations with 8 more. (S.V.)
It was Awesome! Had our closing today and what took two weeks to put up is all down and put away in a few hours. Our drama team was incredible and I heard the same thing this year, as it being the best so far. Totally love Answers VBS!!! Thanks!!! The kids loved all of it. They are already talking about next year! (S.S.)

Great Response at Woodstock

I praise the Lord for the testimonies I received at First Baptist Church of Woodstock (Near Atlanta, Georgia) after speaking four times yesterday. The following photo was taken in the lower section of the auditorium for the second service (this was the smaller attended service and held in the smaller auditorium):

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