On Independence Day, Make Sure You Can Call It “Dependence Day”

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For this Fourth of July, when Americans celebrate Independence Day, AiG writer Tim Chaffey wrote a powerful lead article for the AiG website to challenge us to be “dependent.”  I urge you all to read it.  All the Fourth of July celebrations really amount to nothing if we cannot celebrate “Dependence Day” in each of our lives. The article begins with the following:

Every year on the Fourth of July, millions of Americans celebrate freedom. This day marks the anniversary of the signing the Declaration of Independence, a document which announced the American colonists’ desire to be independent from England, which was later accomplished by victory over the English in the Revolutionary War.

The American people have a rich tradition of cherishing independence. Over the years, the “American Dream” has developed into the notion that anyone can achieve their goals and dreams by pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps and working hard.

While I wholeheartedly believe we should work hard and strive to reach certain goals, many people have fallen for the lie that they do not need to depend on anyone in this life. Our sinful nature leads us to think we can determine truth apart from God, including the idea that if we are “good enough,” then God will let us in to heaven. Our independent spirit has led many to think that they can earn salvation by their good works and thereby escape the judgment of our holy God. But they are gravely mistaken.

I encourage you to read the rest of the article.

For my American readers, have a great Independence Day and a blessed “Dependence Day.”

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