Five Year Old Gets It—In a “Humongous” Way

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The following email reminded me of the Scripture where Jesus said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)

It’s not hard for a child to understand the true history of the world as the Bible presents it. However, it’s many of the academics who can’t understand the basic truths, and they make up complicated and quite ridiculous fairy tales in their sinful human attempts to explain life without God.

A mother wrote the following to me:

I have enclosed a “report” written by my five year old daughter.  Obviously, her attendance at an AiG Vacation Bible School and visit to the Creation Museum greatly influenced her.  I just wanted to take a moment to share the impact you’ve had in her life."

Before I share that, I wanted to say how thrilling it is to hear of more and more children who really do “get it.”  And once they do, even at a young age, they are able to communicate the basic truths of Christianity.  How I praise the Lord for the way He is using AiG to influence coming generations for Him.  The five-year-old's report follows:


God created the dinosaurs.  He made … the land dinosaurs on Day 6.  In the Garden of Eden, the dinosaurs were nice and ate only plants, like fruit and leaves.  God told them not to eat people or other animals.  Then, Adam and Eve sinned.  Possibly after this, some dinosaurs started eating each other and other animals.  God decided to send a humongous flood to destroy the whole earth because people were mean and forgot about God.  It rained for 40 days and 40 nights.  When the great flood came, most of the dinosaurs were killed, but some of them were saved on the ark.  After the flood, they left the ark.  They became extinct over a long period of time.  We know they existed, because other people (especially Buddy Davis) have found their fossils.  The End

I love her description of Noah’s Flood—a “humongous flood.” Yes, she does get it!

Another very special aspect of her report is her statement “especially Buddy Davis.” Buddy is one of our AiG staff members. All of us at AiG realize the enormous responsibility we have as we see more and more children and young people looking up to us as their “heroes.” But having thought about this, I have realized it is far better for them to look on Buddy Davis as a hero—rather than some famous pagan movie star or a non-Christian sport’s star! Kids need Christian heroes to look up to, and Buddy Davis is one of those heroes of the faith that so many children do look up to.

What a thrill it is each day at the Creation Museum to stand and watch all the young excited children who come and learn. Thank you Lord for allowing us to be a part of raising up godly generations.

Legacy Hall Open Soon

Our new 1000-seat auditorium/multipurpose room is nearly finished. Within a couple of weeks we hope to obtain our occupancy permit and begin using this for teaching and other programs. Creation Museum guests will be able to receive teaching from many of the world's leading creation and apologetics speakers on a daily basis. We have named this facility “Legacy Hall.”  It is our prayer this auditorium will be used greatly to impart a spiritual legacy to generations of people.

Here is a photo of the nearly completed phase one of this expansion:

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