Observatory Update

by Ken Ham on June 25, 2011

After a two-month delay due to some bad weather, the observatory project is now well underway here on the grounds of the Creation Museum.

Our concrete contractor has dug the foundation and has poured the foundation walls and the basement floor. In the photo, you can see the isolated pillars for the large stationary telescopes that will be installed upon completion. Next, they will add the top floor, waterproof everything, and backfill with gravel and dirt. Then we will begin the framing process.

The spring storms have made working conditions pretty tough on the workers. Thankfully, it appears as though we are in for some warm, dry weather for the next several days. I will update you as we continue to make progress on this exciting project.

Here are some photos:

Foundation walls

Apparatus for delivering gravel to the foundation floor

Observatory foundation walls and stationary telescope pillars

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