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No, this is not some end-of-the-world prediction! We’re just alerting you to the fact that our major Answers in Genesis conference of the year is coming in about a month.

The Apologetics Mega Conference, July 18–22, will be held just 20 minutes from the Creation Museum—and about 10 minutes from the Cincinnati Airport—right here in beautiful northern Kentucky. We’ll be gathering at the excellent new facilities of Florence Baptist Church, conveniently located off I-75 and south of Cincinnati. This beautiful facility has a 1,500-seat auditorium and large lobby, as well as other rooms needed for such a conference.

If you’ve ever attended one of AiG’s national conferences, you know you’ll be equipped and strengthened in your faith—plus be alerted to the state of the culture and the church as it relates to biblical authority. This year we have outstanding guest speakers who will provide you with in-depth teaching, as well as all-new presentations from AiG’s own lineup of gifted speakers.

More than ever, you need to be equipped to defend God’s Word! This conference is ideal for those who have been to an AiG seminar but want more hours of Bible-affirming teaching. Now, if you’ve never been to an Answers in Genesis seminar or have never visited the Creation Museum and its teaching exhibits, you won’t miss a beat. Suggested ages are 13 and up, although we’ve been amazed to see even younger children (even eight- and nine-year-olds) attend and benefit at our conferences.

And what a wonderful lineup of speakers:

  • Dr. Charles Ware, President, Crossroads Bible College, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Dr. Steven Boyd, Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages, The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, California
  • Dr. David DeWitt, Professor of Biology/Chemistry, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia
  • Dr. Joseph Francis, Professor of Biology, The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, California and Liberty University Online
  • Tim McKenzie, President and Founder of the On Every Word ministry
Additional speakers from Answers in Genesis: Dr. Jason Lisle (astrophysicist, author, and speaker), Dr. Terry Mortenson (theologian, historian of geology, author, and speaker), Dr. Andrew Snelling, (geologist, author, and international speaker), Dr. Georgia Purdom, (molecular geneticist, wife, mother, and speaker), Mike Riddle (educational specialist, and speaker), Dr. Tommy Mitchell (physician, author, and speaker), Dr. David Menton (professor emeritus, Washington University School of Medicine, and speaker). I will also speak.

Attendees will also learn more about the Ark Encounter, located 25 miles south of the church (and also situated off I-75), with groundbreaking late this summer. Sorry, but tours are not allowed on the Ark’s property at this stage.

It’s not too late to register online for the Apologetics Mega Conference (though that online deadline is drawing near) at or call 1-877-244-3370.

I hope to see you there!

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